Sustainability & Community

As an Eco Lodge we strongly value our natural surroundings and the community we are part of. We are committed to supporting our community by inspiring leadership and providing help and support where its needed, as well as host local families and children for swimming and other outdoor activities.

We respect the land, water, air, natural, and cultural resources which we depend on by recycling, composting, and using biodegradable cleaning products. Our cabins are built from locally grown Teak wood and we use locally grown produce for our meals. We also support local farmers by providing our compostable items as food for their livestock.

We live and teach in a way that is harmonious with the principles of yoga and we are devoted to deepen our connection to the community we live in and the nature that is around us.
  • Quasi Yogi PARADISE
    Staying at El Sabanero Eco Lodge was an amazing experience. The grounds are beautiful and the atmosphere is very relaxed and peaceful. Although, I am not really into yoga, I never felt uncomfortable and I really enjoyed myself. The owners, Amit and Tasha, have such an incredible energy and I am truly thankful for the time I was able to spend with them and their children. It was easy feeling at home there. The food was DELICIOUS, fresh, and varying each day. I would highly recommend El Sabanero Eco Lodge to anyone. I feel blessed to have had this experience and can’t wait for my next visit!
  • Like saying Good Bye to an Old Friend!
    El Sabanero. Not just an ole Eco Lodge. Now re-shaping itself as a major Yoga training and certification destination just outside of Tamarindo and Playa Allvenas. It's my 4th year coming here....and for good reason. It now feels like home....but with a much better view and climate. The owner Kurt Reichenbacher has cultivated an easy going, relaxed, yet effieciently run mini paradise. Comfortable, cozy cabinas, a wonderful infinity pool with a stunning valley view, outstanding food. With the addition of Amit and Tasha as the head Yoga facilitators, El Sabanero is expanding and very quickly becoming a must be at destination when visiting the area. I look forward to coming back....perhaps sooner, rather than later, hanging out with Kurt, expanding my personal Yoga experiences, and thoroughly enjoying the massive mental, spiritual and emotional de-compression this place has to offer.
  • Fabulous Place To Stay
    I love this place, very peaceful/tranquil great place to stay if your visiting Costa Rica. The owners and staff ( Kurt, Harold, Ameet, Donald, Tosha, and more..) are very gracious and welcoming. The lodge has a beautiful pool, hammocks, yoga studios, hiking grounds, lots to do. You can also venture out, which the owners will help coordinate and arrange a driver (Fernando), zip lining, horseback riding, Tamirando, Beaches and more. Also, the lodge prepares delicious healthy meals thru out the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Ameet leads dail yoga classes in the evening, the experience is very relaxing ans serene.I highly recommend staying at the El Sabenero if you want to feel relaxed and experience the TLC feeling while in Costa Rica.
  • Tranquil week spent with Amit, Tasha, Kurt and Donald at El Sabanero
    A week in paradise. Truly the most tranquil, welcoming and rejuvenating environments I've ever experienced. The owners, Amit, Tasha and Kurt, couldn't be more gracious and are always available and eager to help accommodate any needs you have. The lodge itself is absolutely breathtaking, with a beautiful view of the Guanacaste mountains from the pool and deck, and two yoga studios, both semi-outdoors to remind you that you're not just practicing in a studio, you're practicing in Costa Rica. There are myriad opportunities to venture out of the lodge, which the staff will help your coordinate. Our group spent time in Tamarindo as well as zip lining and horseback riding through Guanacaste. And to save the best for last, the cuisine at El Sabanero is the most mouth-wateringly delicious food I've ever had. Each meal was better than the last, from butternut squash and ginger soup to fish and yucca fajitas, every bite was absolute perfection. if you're looking for a peaceful, charming retreat center with delectable dishes, look no further than the El Sabanero lodge.